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Building your lodge, one board, brick and stone at a time

Investing in a second or vacation home is a big decision – one which we don’t take lightly. Our primary goal is to protect your investment by building you a vacation rental home superior to all others, both in quality and beauty. You want a home you’re not only proud of, but also in which your investment is secured.  

The Building Process

Step One:

It All Starts with an Empty Lot

Whether you want to be in the action right next to our resort amenities or in total seclusion of nature, our team will work with you to select the lot with location and size that best suits your individual personality and lifestyle.


No matter which lot you choose, we strive to ensure maximum privacy in your new home.  We take into account factors such as lot size, terrain and vegetation to strategically plan home locations to prevent line of sight to neighboring homes. Plus, with our three private lakes, waterfront  vacation rental property is available in our community.

Step Two:

Floor Plans to Fit You

Countless factors must be considered when creating a distinguished home that not only embodies architectural beauty, but also demonstrates functionality.  Every detail must be meticulously planned, such as natural light, room placement, sight lines and other features specifically incorporated for rental success. 


We also understand that no two families are the same. Consult with our team to find the plan best suited for you and your guests.

Step Three:

Personalize your Home

After you have selected a lot and floor plan, it’s time to customize the your home. From flooring, to tile, to appliances and fixtures, choose from an extensive list of premium materials to personalize your home.

However, many clients don’t have the time or desire to make every selection for their home.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Let our interior decorators take your desired style and sit back while they design your entire home. 


Get intimately involved in the selection process, or leave it to the decorators – the choice is yours!

Step Four:

Funding and Closing

We have partnered with several Preferred Lenders and Title Companies to provide financing and closing services for our customers. Clients who wish to utilize these partner firms will enjoy two main benefits:


1. A hassle-free closing process: our partner firms have already completed the necessary diligence to familiarize themselves with the development. Our team will work with you and these partners to create an efficient and stress-free environment all the way to closing.


2. Cost savings: these firms have agreed to reduce their normal fees associated with financing and closing. We pass these cost savings directly through to you, our client, as an added benefit

Step Five:

Time to Build

Providing constant communication and updates, we will keep you involved throughout the entire process - ensuring your home is built with quality and care

Step Six:

Furnish and Enjoy

Your new home is almost complete, but we would hate for its inspirational nature to be weakened by uninspiring furniture and ornamental pieces.  As an added benefit for our clients who wish to pair their extraordinary home with extraordinary furnishing, we offers interior decorating, furnishing and set up services, without breaking the bank.  Let us do the hard work so you can get back to what’s important – taking the keys and enjoying your new lodge!


Select from the top of the line products we have available, have our interior decorators fully furnish your home, or furnish it yourself. Whichever the case, when your home is complete it will be a breathtaking escape for your family and friends to enjoy for years to come!




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