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Hot Tub


We have recently cleaned and added chemicals to your hot tub. Please wait at least 1 hour after your arrival to enter.


We have left extra chlorine and Ph-decreaser to be added per cup instructions.


NOTE: If hazardous bodily waste is transmitted into the hot tub, you must contact management immediately.


The below rules are strictly enforced:


· Must shower before entering.

· No food or glass allowed.

· Swimwear must be worn.

· Do not turn the hot tub off.

· No horseplay.

· Pregnant women and people with health conditions should consult their doctor prior to entering.

· Do not use soap, bath bombs, or oils.

· Children should always be supervised.

· Quiet hours after 9:00PM.

· Do not sit or lie down on the cover.

· Management is not responsible for accidents or injury.

· Replace cover when not in use.

· Use at your own risk.


Failure to follow these rules may result in an extra cleaning charge.


Pine Lake Property Management


Hot Tub


Instructional Verbiage Here

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