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Best Hiking in Broken Bow

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Some of the most beautiful, scenic, and fun trails in southern Oklahoma are featured below. Many of these exciting trails are in the same awe-inspiring forest chains as our community at Pine Lake. Some trails are just minutes away from your stay at one of our luxury lodges! 

1. Tree Trail

The Tree Trail was my first hike in Oklahoma and remains a family favorite after I brought the kid and husband along. It features a lovely creek and some fairly steep climbs as you wander through the Pines. Be sure to check out the Forest Heritage Center after your hike! It has all kinds of cool exhibits on woodworking, tree harvesting, and fire safety

2. Cedar Bluff

If you’re looking for a challenge, test your mettle on the Cedar Bluff trail. It can be a little difficult to locate, so make sure you call ahead, but that’s part of the fun! Be prepared for lots of terrain changes and vertical climbs. The many creek crossing give you plenty of opportunities to cool down and take in the natural beauty of southern Oklahoma. 

3. Lookout Mountain Trail

Though the name conjures up magnificent views, that’s not really what this trail is about. The real draw is the wonderful creek that has benches surrounding it. You’ll probably need the rest once you get there! Make sure to not get lost and please pay attention to the signage. 

4. Lake View Lodge Trail

If you’re looking for an easier hike, consider this one. This trail features beautiful views of the lake and, for you rock lovers out there, tons of quartz too! There can be some downed trees from time to time, but it’s nothing unmanageable if you stick with it. 

5. McCurtain County Wilderness Area 

For the wildlife lovers out there, this is the place for you. Especially if you’re looking for some good bird watching. You’ll need to call the office if you truly want to take advantage of the more than 14,000 acres that are available, but there’s a short nature trail open to the public that will whet your appetite for more. 

Do you want to hike some of the best trails in southern Oklahoma? Stay at Pine Lake's luxury cabins. Minutes away from Beavers Bend state park, Pine Lake is a great option for those that love the outdoors.

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