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Why You Should Make Covid-19 Summer Vacation Plans in Broken Bow, Oklahoma

If you’re feeling like you need a vacation right about now, it may mean that you’re experiencing some completely normal burnout from the Covid-19 pandemic. Balancing work and life lately has been unusually difficult this year. There are these counteracting impulses in our minds to both work harder than ever and to hide out until this thing blows over. Wherever you’re at in life right now, please know that you deserve a break. As you make your last-minute Covid-19 summer vacation plans, consider Broken Bow, Oklahoma. It’s a special place that combines a relatively untouched landscape with modern tourism. Give yourself a chance to reconnect with nature without compromising on the modern comforts in life.

Keeping Safe While You Travel During Covid-19

Businesses in Broken Bow, Oklahoma want to keep your family, and themselves, safe from Covid-19. Business owners fully realize that they need to adapt to these ongoing circumstances. Though more of a rural area than you might be used to, Broken Bow is taking Covid-19 precautions very seriously. Rest assured knowing that you can book a cabin without it being all you’ll ever see of Broken Bow. Social distancing and mask use are both widely practiced, delivery and take out options are readily available, and businesses are adapting every day to better serve you during Covid-19. Hit the trails for some much needed isolation. Go swimming or boating at one of our many lakes. There’s plenty to keep you and your family entertained without shuffling through lines, worrying about being in close proximity to other people during Covid-19.

Drive to Broken Bow

People are rediscovering the road trip this year as plans to travel abroad fly out the window during Covid-19. Consider driving to your vacation spot in Broken Bow. It might be closer than you think. Broken Bow is located in southeastern Oklahoma and is within easy driving distance of the DFW area, Oklahoma City, Shreveport, and Fort Smith. Enjoy some relaxing driving away from the big city and take in the views as you make your way to an ideal vacation spot.

Taking Time Off Work During Covid-19

If you’re worried about taking time off of work during Covid-19, think again. According to the Wall Street Journal, “After several challenging months on the job during the coronavirus pandemic, businesses want workers to use their paid time off to stave off burnout and avoid a year-end vacation crunch. But with travel disruptions scuttling many summer trips—not to mention employees’ stress about working from home for the first time—fewer workers appear to be claiming vacation time this year.” Don’t lose out on your vacation time if you can help it. A lot of people have been digging in and holding out for fear of being seen less valuable than their co-workers. Have a conversation with your boss. Long term, it may be the best option for you and your employer to take that vacation time now rather than later.

Best Place to Vacation in Broken Bow

The best cabins in Broken Bow are located in Pine Lake, a community of luxury cabins tucked into the woods near Beavers Bend State Park. With high-end amenities and appliances, Pine Lake is sure to impress. Unique features such as Dulce Vida’s star-gazing net or Romantic Pines’ couple’s copper tub will leave a lasting impression. Let Pine Lake’s private cabins in the woods do the social distancing for you as you and your family unwind in the peaceful surroundings that the ’90 pines provide. Pine Lake cabins offer a refined experience with nature that's hard to find. Enjoy your vacation in nature with luxury accommodations. Don’t let summer end without booking the best Broken Bow has to offer.

Book now to experience a luxury vacation spot in the heart of nature. Learn more about us or contact us today at or at (972)-587-0770.


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