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Did COVID-19 Delay your School Year? Extend Your Vacation Time in Broken Bow.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

With remote learning and delayed start dates for schools, all bets are off for normal vacation restrictions. A new tactic parents are taking is letting their kids decompress from this stressful start to the school year by going on a late summer vacation.

The New Norm for Vacationing

Summer vacations got a little harder to plan in 2020. And now the school year is being affected too. So, how do you respond? Well, vacationing, school work, and work might have to mix, but that’s more achievable than ever. With greater access to cell service and Wi-Fi you don't have to be tied to the office, school, or your home anymore. Plus this ease of access isn't limited to cities. Vacations don’t have to happen in city centers of tourism or crowded amusement parks. Safe vacationing can happen in developed rural settings that have the beauty of nature and the convenience of our modern lifestyles. One such place is in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

What Broken Bow Has to Offer

Make the best out of the Covid-19 situation in safe, crowd-free Broken Bow, Oklahoma. This area has plenty of secluded spots to keep you and your family practicing social distancing while on vacation. This area features idyllic nature settings with both Beavers Bend State Park and Ouachita National Forest. Hike with just you and your family in the beautiful forests that southern Oklahoma has to offer. Check out Broken Bow Lake for excitement-filled water sports or find a secluded cove to lay anchor and picnic.

The restaurants in the Broken Bow area excel in service and are responding to Covid-19 concerns in practical, professional ways. Get food delivered to you without having to leave your cabin or dine-in with spaced out seating configurations.

Closer Than You Think

Broken Bow is in south eastern Oklahoma. And it might be within easy driving distance for you. As more and more people avoid flying, a short family road trip could be just the thing needed right now.

  • 3-3.5 hour drive from downtown Dallas, TX

  • 4 hour drive from downtown Oklahoma City, OK

  • 3.5 hour drive from downtown Tulsa, OK

  • 3 hour drive from downtown Shreveport, LA

  • 2-2.5 hour drive from Fort Smith, AR

  • 3 hour drive from Fayetteville, AR

  • 3 hour drive from downtown Tyler, TX

  • 2.5 hour drive from downtown Longview, TX

Where to Stay in Broken Bow

While there are plenty of places to stay in Broken Bow, the best luxury cabins available are in the exclusive community of Pine Lake. Near Beavers Bend State Park, Pine Lake cabins feature top of the line appliances and stunning architecture yet maintain a 'tucked into the woods' feel that is rare to find. Unwind in your luxury cabin and see the softly swaying pines out of the floor to ceiling windows. Or take advantage of the fully stocked ponds for some easygoing fishing. Don’t let summer end without booking the best Broken Bow has to offer.

Book now to experience a luxury vacation spot in the heart of nature. Learn more about us or contact us today at or at (972)-587-0770.


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