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Girls’ Getaway in Broken Bow, OK: What You Need to Know

Christmas is the season of celebrations and I'm always looking for a good excuse to plan a girls’ weekend to celebrate with friends. I recently stayed in Broken Bow, Oklahoma and I was so surprised at what I found. It was perfect! Broken Bow has a little bit of everything without being too touristy. We had more than enough to do with our time, but we also loved our lazy mornings and late nights around the fireplace at the cabin.

We could have stayed in our cabin the whole time and been perfectly content. I can’t recommend this relaxing getaway spot enough. With recent COVID-19 restrictions, my girlfriends and I just had to get away from it all and unwind a little. And we’re so glad we did!

We stayed at this luxury cabin that was so over the top with comfort and amenities that we felt like we were at the Four Seasons or something (more on the cabin later). This cabin would have been great for a bachelorette party. During the day we would shop at these wonderful little boutiques and old furniture stores that Broken Bow has and we even went hiking at Beavers Bend. Broken Bow Lake looked amazing and I’ve already told my husband about the fishing and boating they have. We ended up at Girls Gone Wine early one night, a local winery with a private tasting room, and shut the place down. We have no idea where the time went! These were great memories that we’ll have to recreate soon.

We had take-out dining back at the cabin most of our stay, just to be overly cautious. But honestly, everyone we saw in Broken Bow was so nice and respectful of COVID-19 precautions that we could have dined in. The whole time I was there I didn’t feel that anxious awkwardness of being in the city during this pandemic. There’s simply less people around. I could do normal things without being so paranoid. It felt like the before times!

Anyway, about that cabin. We stayed at Pine Lake. It’s this new luxury cabin resort that has crazy nice cabins that you have to see in person to believe. I don’t know how long this place will be kept a secret, because I’m seeing cabins booked months in advance as I check right now, but all I can say is I’m already booking the family’s summer vacation at Pine Lake. Since it’s so new, they haven’t finished all their plans for the area yet, but I’m personally looking forward to the clubhouse that overlooks the lake. I saw that it’s going to have a gourmet restaurant and pool. This place is probably going to end up being a yearly pilgrimage for me.

All the cabins are stunning to look at and the cabin we stayed in was spotless––like a 5 star hotel level of clean. The cabin we stayed in had a 6 person hot tub that was out of this world. My girlfriends and I spent our nights on the massive sectional watching movies with the fireplace roaring in the background. After we woke up, we’d have long coffee mornings on the back deck and talk until lunchtime. (Comfiest outdoor seating ever. I legit checked for a tag to see about buying a set at home.)

Now I know that this place sounds expensive, it’s high end luxury cabins after all, but my girlfriends and I just did some cost-splitting to save money. And as far as luxurious girlfriend getaways go, this was surprisingly affordable. Plus, we drove to Broken Bow. From DFW it took us just three hours. It beats flying under pandemic conditions and saves money! So, if you’re looking to book a girls’ getaway at Pine Lake this Fall read the following advice:

  1. Act fast, because there’s limited weekend availability. They’re building more cabins though, so keep an eye out.

  2. Consider a weekday trip. Use your vacation time to your benefit! Weekdays are cheaper anyway.

  3. Split costs to make your girl’s trip more affordable. Then go spend that extra savings on wine...and chocolate.

  4. There’s a gravel hill on the road to Pine Lake that looks steeper than it is. If anyone in your girlfriend group has a Jeep type vehicle and wants to have an Instagrammable moment, here’s your notice.

So, for real, Pine Lake and the people and the businesses in Broken Bow made for the best girls’ trip we’ve had in years. My girlfriends and I, as well as our families, will be back and we want to spread the good word about this place. Book a Pine Lake cabin now.


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