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Pine Lake Resort’s Community Amenities

Broken Bow has many cabins, lodges, and homes to stay in. What makes the cabins at Pine Lake Resort different?

Not only do we offer luxury stays nestled in the pine trees, but our community amenities take your vacation to the next level. No need to leave the resort during your stay, we have everything you’ll need for a well-rounded trip. There is something for everyone to do all at the same time.

Community Amenities

Our community amenities include a pool, stocked lake, a clubhouse, pool tables, restaurant, playground all within walking distance.

All our amenities are close together, which allows every member of your family to choose what they want to do. Kids can head over to the pool or playground while the adults can relax with a drink or grab a snack from the Grill!


The pool was completed this summer. Since the pool is an amenity exclusive to the guests here at Pine Lake, it won’t be crowded!

Stocked Lake

No need to fight the crowds to find a fishing spot; just head over to Pine Lake’s fully stocked lake. It is regularly stocked with bass, crappie, catfish, blue gill, and sun perch.

If you don’t want to haul your gear with you, don’t worry! You can check out poles and buy bait at the Clubhouse.


The Clubhouse is a hang-out space. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Large TVs to watch the game

  • Pool tables

  • Comfortable couches and chairs

  • The Grill, Pine Lake’s very own restaurant

The clubhouse can be rented out any day of the week for 4 hours or the whole day. Sunday through Thursday it is $350 for 4 hours and $500 for the day. Friday through Saturday it is $1500 for the entire day. If you rent out the clubhouse, you get a discount to use towards any of our cabins- 10% for a weekday and 20% for a weekend.

We do offer wedding and event packages as well. Contact us for more information.

The Grill

Our restaraunt is located inside the Clubhouse. It is open:

  • Thursday 10am-2pm

  • Friday & Saturday 8am-8pm

Our menu includes bar food, salads, breakfast, burgers and sandwiches, homemade pizza, dessert, and a kid’s menu. Check out the full menu here: The Grill.

Family Style

The family style menu is the perfect amenity for those that just don’t feel like cooking or for hosting events. Our restaraunt prepares a gourmet meal for your family and brings it straight to your door!

The menu includes things like a charcuterie board, a delicious breakfast, Italian, Mexican, Homestyle, Dessert, and Drinks.

You can even include a server or a personal chef, the perfect compliment to any birthday party, bachelorette party, or fancy date night!

Order must be for a minimum of eight people and be placed 24 hours in advance. See the full menu here: The Grill Family Style


The Grill recently added alcohol to the menu. You won’t have to leave the grounds in order to wind-down in the evenings with a drink.


The playground is perfectly nestled in the trees close to the Clubhouse.

Pine Lake offers a unique Broken Bow experience with is amenities. You don’t have to leave the resort in order to have a full vacation. There is something for everyone conveniently located together.


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