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Why You Should Invest in Vacation Rental Property During Covid-19

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Purchasing a vacation home can prove to be a wise investment during a recession, even a pandemic such as Covid-19. The novel coronavirus will change how people travel for years to come. If you are a homebuyer trying to get ahead of the curve, investing in a vacation home could prove to be a smart option. One of the untapped gems of southern Oklahoma is a development of luxury cabins called Pine Lake in Broken Bow.

Covid-19 has changed travel. Has your investment strategy adapted to that yet?

When deciding to make an investment in a rental property, you want that investment to pay for itself. You need to be sure that your investment won't fall through at the first sign of trouble. Covid-19 hasn't put a stop to vacationing. It's simply changed how people vacation. According to Vox, "[expect] air travel to return to early 2020 levels in five years, taking into account that the airline industry took three years to recover post-9/11, and two years to return to pre-2008 revenues after the recession." People aren't flying nearly as much and they aren't going to crowded attractions or hotels right now. In addition to trying to stay safe, families are looking to cut costs during Covid-19. Pine Lake at Broken Bow luxury cabins are destinations on their own and a less expensive alternative to extravagant overseas and cross-country air travel. If you’re looking for an investment that could meet the mid to short-term hurdles of Covid-19 plus long-term financial security, a vacation home in Pine Lake Oklahoma just may be the perfect fit for you.

Pine Lake is only a few hours from several major metropolitan cities throughout TX, OK, AR, LA.

Even in a pandemic, families still vacation. More and more families are choosing road trips as a safer alternative to flying. Having a vacation property in close proximity to the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Shreveport and Little Rock means there are plenty of vacationers to rent your cabin. Pine Lake is close enough that you can easily take advantage of your second home when you desire, and earn passive income the rest of the time. Pine Lake takes care of the cleaning, marketing, maintenance, and booking of its cabins. You can be as involved or as hands off as you want to be.

A Well-Established Vacation Hotspot:

Broken Bow has always been a family-favorite vacation spot during the spring and summer seasons, but this "seasonal" nature has changed. Extensive economic expansion and private investment in the Broken Bow area over the past several years have added a broad range of activities and amenities. These have created an environment where people are enjoying the natural wonders of Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend National Park all year. With a steady stream of tourists visiting the area throughout the year, Broken Bow has revealed itself as the ideal location to invest in a second home.

Looking Ahead, When Covid-19 is in the Review Mirror:

Vacation homes often become so loved by their owner that they choose to live in them after retirement. People often choose calming, beautiful places to spend their golden years. Pine Lake luxury cabins fit that description perfectly. Our luxury cabins are not only great for retirement, but they can also be passed down for generations to come.

Whether you’re looking to make an investment or to just get away from it all, Pine Lake has you covered. Your family will make memories that will last a lifetime, and your second home can be a valuable source of additional income.

If you have any questions regarding Pine Lake, please Learn more about us or contact us today at or at (972)-587-0770. Or book now to experience a luxury vacation spot in the heart of nature.


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