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Build a Vacation Rental Cabin in Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Here at Pine Like, we want to show how committed we are to the ongoing quality of our cabins and the growth of our community. It’s a simple formula. Your success is our success. When you invest in building a cabin at Pine Lake, we are just as interested in its success as you are. Below, are the four interconnected parts that explain why that is.


It starts with the soil. We pay particularly close attention as we develop our cabin sites. Carving out the perfect spot among the pines, we keep large standing sections of trees for their beauty and privacy. Renters benefit from this awe-inspiring experience as they are surrounded by nature in the luxurious comfort of our world-class cabins.

At Pine Lake our interests are fully aligned with yours. We are incentivized to create these beautiful lots because our work isn’t finished after we set the stage by developing the land. We’re also building and managing the homes, as well as growing the community. This gives us the highest level of responsibility when it comes to making sure Pine Lake has a strong foundation for decades to come.


The homebuilder is one of the first thing to look at when you’re buying a new home. Our work speaks for itself. Check out our look book here. When you sit down with us to craft a cabin that suits your preferences and budget, you’ll feel the professionalism and exceptionalism that our former clients swear by. As both the developer and homebuilder of Pine Lake, we maintain full control of the quality of both the environment and the cabins from start to finish. We utilize only the highest-quality methods and materials in our cabins to ensure they meet our standards, industry codes, and live up to the expectations of you, our client.


Pine Lake also provides property management and concierge services for all of our cabins. We want our services to stand out as exceptional. When we accomplish this, our cabin renters want to not only return but also tell others about their experience. This benefits both the cabin owners and Pine Lake as a whole. In addition to our luxury concierge service, we also take care of the maintenance for your cabin. We have a full-time staff that’s ready to immediately handle any maintenance events should they arise, saving the buyer the headaches associated with long-distance upkeep on a property. Pine Lake prefers to manage and maintain our community like this because we know the difference between a successful investment property that produces substantial income, and one that doesn’t.


Lastly, we put in the work to make sure that Pine Lake is highly regarded in potential renters’ minds. There are many moving parts to getting renters’ attention and we have a team devoted to doing just that. So, if you’re worried about buying an investment property, having to put in the hours every week simply to find people to rent it, rest assured knowing that Pine Lake wants renters just as much as you do. Our dedicated team works to get the buyers’ cabins rented to the surplus of vacationers flocking to Broken Bow Lake and the Kiamichi Mountains.

As you can see, Pine Lake is committed to the growth of the whole community, not just one part of the process. Our interests are co-aligned with cabin owners, which means we want the buyers to succeed so that we benefit from that success.

Your next investment is waiting for you at Pine Lake in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Learn more about us or contact us today at or at (972)-587-0770


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